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Published on April 22nd, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Cee Lo Green’s Cat to Host “The Meme”

MANHATTAN, NY – Cee Lo Green’s cat has recently signed a two-season deal as a celebrity host and judge of NBC’s new show “The Meme.”  Reportedly, the feline, named “Purrfect,” was approached by NBC executives after his brief, provocative appearances on the hit NBC show “The Voice”–which featured Cee Lo stroking his cat like a musical Dr. Evil, plotting to unleash another Justin Guarini on an unsuspecting world.

NBC is mum on the nature of the show, but a direct quote from an anonymous source is as follows: “I CAN HAS TV SHOW?  YES, CATS CAN HAVE TV SHOW NAO.” Message boards are buzzing in the wake of NBC’s announcement, including rumors that Comedy Central dropped comedian Daniel Tosh after realizing a cat with YouTube could do his job better.

Green, one of the four celebrity judges on the show, was too busy leering at tiny white women, picking out Pikachu costumes for a Gnarls Barkley reunion tour, and bathing in royalty checks to comment.

Industry insiders speculate that Purrfect and  other judges–including Disapproving Asian Dad and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy–will troll Reddit for young memes on the cusp of virality. The winner of “The Meme” will be awarded with a week of shares and likes on Facebook, trending status on Twitter, and prime position on the front page of Reddit. In the following week, the winner will be retweeted and liked by stragglers and ultimately relegated to Know Your Meme or, at worst, Urban Dictionary.

Social networking gurus expect a Redditor to repost the winner a week later and claim the content as their own. In anticipation, Bravo is already planning a spinoff called “The Karma Whore,” starring Kim Kardashian.

When contacted for comment, one NBC executive responded with a link to

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