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Published on May 2nd, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Tyler Perry Collaborates with Woody Allen to Make Black Comedy Darker

By MC Infarction

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Tyler Perry and Woody Allen have agreed to start production on a new film this summer, a move industry insiders are calling “the best thing to happen to African American/Jewish relations in America since the formation of the NAACP and Drake.”

The film, tentatively titled Madea’s Mildly Uncomfortable Bat Mitzvah, begins production in June. In a controversial casting choice, Perry’s long running title character is rumored to be played by Scarlett Johansson, likely in blackface. In MMUBM, Madea finally becomes a woman as her wacky Jewish relatives shower her with gifts and dissect her sexual inadequacies. At midnight, everyone turns into a Cosby kid.

The movie will be produced jointly by the Weinstein brothers and Spike Lee. Not to be outdone, Lee vowed to follow up Perry and Allen’s collaboration with his long dormant passion project Malcolm X II: X Marx the Spot, a wacky musical comedy about Malcolm X’s journey to Mecca. It is believed that Johansson will also play Malcolm X.

Hollywood prognosticators are predicting a big box office showing for the latest in the Madea series, banking on two of America’s most underrepresented demographics: middle aged black women and Jewish kids who listen to too much Wu Tang. Perry has confirmed he and Adam Sandler are already hard at work on Nappy Gilmore.

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