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Published on May 20th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


FCC Censors New Whisper Song Remix, Results in 3:44 of Silence

WASHINGTON, DC – In an unprecedented move, the FCC has censored the entirety of the Ying Yang Twin’s follow up to their seminal hit, “The Whisper Song.”

“It was just distasteful,” commented Gary Ichniowsky, Vice President of Urban Oversight. “I haven’t felt this uncomfortable since Eminem was rapping about his mom.”

The song, reportedly a collaboration with David Banner and Lil’ Jon, allegedly contains 1268 obscenities and a shockingly low 18 adjectives, pronouns, and prepositions deemed too crude for radio play.

The ruling on the song was first reported by the Associated Press who received a memo from the FCC addressed to the Ying Yang twins. “We were trying to track them down individually, but let’s be honest, no one actually knows their real names” said Ichniowsky.

The painstaking editing done by the FCC will not go to waste, as the song can now be featured on whichever volume of NOW! That’s What I Call Music they are on these days.

Pitchfork, unaware of the ruling, awarded the song a 9.4 claiming it was a “post-modern commentary on speech utilizing the absence of noise as an audiological too, completely eviscerating John Cage.”

Merriam Webster, rated a 2.0 by Pitchfork, is currently checking if “audiological” is a real word.

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