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Published on May 21st, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Roommate of Black Eyed Peas Sick and Tired of Being Told That Tonight’s Going To Be a Good Night

By MC Infarction

LOS ANGELES – Black Eyed Peas Roommate Jack Milstein reported his displeasure to TRI Tuesday at the band’s daily playing of their 2009 hit “I’ve Got a Feeling.”

“Literally every fucking day I come home and they’re playing the song,” said Milstein, an analyst at JP Morgan. “I bust my ass at work, drag my body to the apartment, and the moment I open the front door starts singing.”

Thankfully, this explains 116 million of the 117 million views the video has received on YouTube. The other million is believed to be the handiwork of the two Black Eyed Peas whose names no one knows.

“They’ve actually set up a complete stage with drums and everything in the foyer of the apartment for that very purpose.”

Milstein, who moved into the apartment two years ago after finding the sublet on Craigslist, has kept quiet about his frustration until now.

“I can’t even fill up my cup with tea in peace without them jumping out of the closet screaming ‘MAZEL TOV!’ I contacted the Rap Insider because I was desperate. My own grandmother was convinced it was going to be a good night. I didn’t know where to turn.”

Milstein communicated to Fergie, whom he shares a room with, that he began to lose enthusiasm in the song after they would play it even before mediocre nights.

“Take last Tuesday. I got home at 11pm, does a 15-minute version with a solo from a Siberian throat singer. It’s going to be a good night, he promises. “

“But, of course, it usually ends up being chinese take out and an underwhelming episode of Pawn Stars.”

“They even played the song the night my mom died.”

Milstein has no plans to move out, but has threatened to sexile Fergie on a more regular basis if conditions do not improve.

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