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Published on June 20th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


EXPOSÉ: Ying Yang Twins’ New Apartment a Feng Shui Disaster

By MC Infarction

GEORGIA – The Rap Insider’s interior design correspondent Gary Schlonger recently toured the Atlanta mansion of Ying Yang Twins, discovering a shocking imbalance of chi.

The twins had carelessly placed contemporary art from the windows to the wall.

“As soon as I walked in, I felt like my energy was being sucked right out of me and into the crocodile leather couch,” said Schlonger.

In violating the guiding principles of Chinese design, the Twins have risked failure and the disappointment of their ancestors.

“I frankly have no idea what they were thinking,” said Ghostface Killah, speaking on behalf of the Wu Tang Clan. “When we moved out of the slums of shaolin into our new digs, we hired several Taoist masters simply to advise us on the placement of our tiger cage.”

UPDATE: The Ying Yang Twins have released an official response to the allegations: “Goddamn it, why do people keep thinking we’re Asian?”

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