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Published on July 2nd, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Pitchfork Reviews Kanye West’s Sextape: “My Beautiful Dark Twisted 10-Inch Penis”

Earlier today, Pitchfork momentarily posted a review of Kanye West’s latest release, a pornographic film featuring his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The star couple’s legal support allegedly had Pitchfork remove the review and all references to a possible sextape.  The Rap Insider has obtained a copy of the article, reproduced below in its entirety:

Kanye, no stranger to pushing boundaries and demanding constant flux and regeneration in his musical efforts, delivers his latest sparkling, gold-wrapped magnum opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted 10-Inch Penis (aka MBDT TIP).

2010’s Best New Music album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was a lush epic, a modern rap classic that poignantly displayed the vulnerable side of Kanye’s ego, despite the massive bravado of his public appearances.

But West’s Herculean TIP can perhaps best be summed up by the following sequence, at once flawed and beautiful in its imperfection:  in the midst of intense shrieks of pleasure, Kardashian boldly caterwauls “FUCK ME KANYE” with repeated fervor, which begins to resemble “FUCK ME RAY J” after the dozenth time or so.

Kanye, however, overtakes his concubine’s calls by shouting, ever louder, “FUCK ME KANYE!”  West has reached his Freudian epitome; coupling his physical cathexis with a verbal one–West now believes that he is fornicating with his Lacanian mirror image.

Midway through the video, an element of bondage is introduced after Kardashian (the Klaus Kinski to West’s penile Werner Herzog) requests that West stop screaming his own name. The heroic rapper responds by introducing a sarcophagus into the piece in a manner unsuitable for reprinting.

Kanye’s foray into the pornographic arena recalls the fervor with which Kanye dove into the political arena in 2005 with his pointed analysis of the George Bush administration. As he did then, Kanye here realizes his full potential as a weighty instrument of social justice, both literally and metaphorically, using his member to to explore issues of race, class, and Kim Kardashian’s large intestine.

Sophocles, in his tragedy Antigone, wrote, “For what is destined/for us, men mortal, there is no escape.”  Clearly, Kanye West is no mortal man.  Long after we tenuous mortals have ejaculated to Kanye’s pornographic tour-de-force, we remain enrapt in West’s world. TIP represents a true landmark in pornography: the first time we’ve ever achieved climax, and not immediately closed the tab.

Once Big Sean comes through with the copy of the video he promised us, TRI will confirm whether or not MBDT TIP is indeed better than Bang Bros.

Judging from the leaked promo photo for the film (below), it is in question whether or not this is the greatest celebrity sextape of all time, or whether Kanye even let Kim Kardashian finish.

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