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Published on July 18th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


ESPN Publishes Yet Another Racially Linsensitive Pun

Earlier today, ESPN published yet another racially insensitive headline regarding Harvard graduate and basketball darling Jeremy Lin and retired NBA player Yao Ming. The headline was removed by 2 PM EST. However, TRI has obtained a screenshot of the offending article:

“On behalf of the staff of ESPN, we’d like to issue a heartfelt apology to Jeremy Lin. We meant no slant against him or against the Knick’s decision to sell him down the railroad. We were devastated once we realized our mistake and we regret implying in the above image that Jeremy Lin is indistinguishable from Chinese-American film star Bruce Lee. Our actions were lo, meinly because his race should have no bearing on this issue. This was a chink in our coverage and we pledge to zip up, be more vigilant and keep a rounder eye on these sorts of mistakes in the future.”

It remains unclear whether the Houston Rockets received extra duck sauce with their order.

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