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Published on July 18th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


?uestlove Moves to Cabo, Mexico, Becomes ¿uestlove

By MC Infarction

CABO SAN LUCAS – In an impulsive move to find his roots, ?uestlove has relocated from his Park Avenue apartment to Cabo San Lucas and has legally changed his name to ¿uestlove.

His publicist shared with TRI that the artist moved after learning his conception actually occured while his mother was on spring break at the Hilton Cabo.

Upon arrival, ?uestlove was immediately faced with looks of confusion and utter befuddlement. The customs agents in the Cabo airport spent over an hour trying to interpret his passport and only granted him his visa because he laid down an unbelievable beat for the officials.

Dr. Joaquin Alvarez, Professor of Linguistics at El Universidad de La Madre Del Guadalupe was puzzled: “This is all wrong. There can be no upside-down question mark without a right-side up question mark to follow it. It just doesn’t make sense. Where is the emphasis?”

Rumors have also surfaced that Black Thought joined him in solidarity, becoming Negro Pensado.

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