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Published on August 26th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Chief Keef Lobbies for I Don’t Like Button on Facebook

By Metaphorical World Peace

CHICAGO – Rapper Chief Keef and his shirtless entourage held a press conference in Keef’s Big Aunty’s house this Sunday to speak out on racist practices by social media giant Facebook.

“It aint just right that Liking is da only option, man.  This morning I seen some baby momma post up a pic of her new baby newborn. I wanted nothing more than to click Dislike on that dog ugly kid”.

Keef then unveiled an extensive list of dislikes, including fuck n*ggas, snitch n*ggas, and of course Facebook Timeline.

“A creep n*gga, thats that shit I don’t like,”  Keef said after quickly hiding his Washington Post Social Reader activity.

The Reverend Al Sharpton then linked Facebook’s “like” to a long history of Western oppression of colored peoples in a sermon entitled “How Mark Zuckerberg pokes the Negro.”

Rev. Sharpton was asked to leave after Keef listed “perms and bad relaxers” as some more shit he don’t like.

Instead of answering questions, Keef proceeded to continually swing his head from left to right violently shaking his dreads and two-stepping until reporters moved on to questions he apparently did like.

Keef was later set to meet with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, but was unsuccessful as Kanye West hijacked the meeting. Keef was given 30 seconds to express his dislike under the condition that Big Sean be allowed to adlib in the background.

In lieu of the Facebook feature rejection, Keef plans to just launch a new site called

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