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Published on September 14th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Lil B Reveals Next Album Titled “I’m Not Gay (I’m Unhappy)”

By Rap Game Willy Loman

VALLEJO – Following up on last summer’s release of I’m Gay (I’m Happy), Berkeley rapper, and Internet sensation Lil’ B has quietly announced the title of his new album, I’m Not Gay (I’m Unhappy)

The internet was abuzz after the announcement, as much of the rap community believed the album title to be more of a publicity stunt than a show of emotion from the rapper. Lil’ B immediately took to Twitter to address any misunderstanding:

Mr. B has also begun to engage in activities that highlight just how both depressed and heterosexual he is. He now watches American Gladiator alone and masturbates to lesbian pornography using his own tears as lubricant.

In an attempt to highlight the cause of this downward spiral, the rapper has bought a notebook and pen to start a diary to record his innermost feelings and thoughts throughout the day.

The first two female therapists who were assigned to treat the rapper were forced to excuse themselves after Mr. B fucked them, gave them #based babies and featured them on a mixtape.

Fans patiently wait as the rapper struggles to be gay once again.

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