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Published on October 2nd, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Da Brat Finally Upgrades Browser to Netscape 6.1

By E. Mike Pace

ATLANTA – Eighteen years after its initial release, Netscape 6.1 is now the internet browser of choice for rapper/actress Shawntae “Da Brat” Harris.  The upgrade came after Harris’ children mocked her into near oblivion for using a web browser from the twentieth century.

“Look, a lotta shit’s happened since I bought my last Dell desktop in ‘97. Legal troubles, a prison stint, Glitter. Honestly, downloading the new AOL or whatever has not been my top priority, even if it embarrassed my kids.” Harris said in a statement posted to her Geocities page.

“But I’m excited to shoot into cyberspace and connect with my fans, particularly using the Netscape Newsgroup.”

In addition to updating her browser, Harris has overhauled most of the software on her computer, including upgrading to Windows 98  and installing Norton AntiVirus 3.5.

As part of her work-release program (stemming from an altercation in which “Da Brat” hit a woman in the face with a rum bottle), the MC behind Funkdafied has been learning basic code and has since become a minor player in the Gromit open-source community.

Da Brat is also hoping to take advantage of digital distribution for her new single, “Nothin’ But a Friendsta,” which she composed herself using FruityLoops 1.2. “I want to release it via Kazaa or whatever the kids are using to download shit these days. Is Audiogalaxy still kickin’?”

As of press time, the Kazam co-star stills maintains a Compuserve email address.

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