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Published on October 3rd, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Rick Ross Joins Samuel L. Jackson in “Steaks on a Plane”

By  E. Mike Pace

HOLLYWOOD – The Teflon Don William “Rick Ross” Roberts II has signed on to play Beef, an airport security guard with a grudge against Samuel L. Jackson, in the upcoming straight-to-DVD sequel to the 2006 non-hit Snakes on the Plane.

“I read the script and was all, ‘this sucks,’ but then they told me that I’d have my own craft service catering, so I was all, ‘hell yeah, welcome to Hollywood, bitch,” Ross said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The rotund rapper joins an all-star cast that already includes Jackson, Ed Begley Jr., Nick Jonas, Bernadette Peters, Sticky Fingaz from the hip-hop group Onyx, Carrot Top, Arsenio Hall, and former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain.

In the film, Jackson–who accepted the role because he’s still breathing–attempts to transport 2,500 pounds of Omaha Steaks across the Mississippi via air.

Producer Jerry Saltzberg knew Ross would be an asset to the film. “In the first movie, there were all these snakes on the plane, now there are all these steaks! What happens to the steaks? Who’s gonna eat ‘em?  Getting Rick Ross involved was a no-brainer; the man loves steaks almost as much as he loves planes!”

Ross is currently multi-tasking; in addition to acting, he’s also contributing a song to the film’s soundtrack. “‘Got steaks on a plane/steaks on the brain/medium rare with a side of cocaine’.  That’s all I got so far.”

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