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Published on October 4th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Justin Bieber Throws Up During Concert, Millions of Bulimic Tweens Feel Validated

By MCTrishTheDish

ARIZONA – Last Saturday in Glendale, Arizona, 18-year old pop star Justin Bieber made a splash during his highly anticipated Believe tour. Midway through the song “Out of Town Girl” he turned his back to the crowd and puked on stage, claiming he drank too much milk.

After running backstage twice due to his illness, Bieber came back on stage and faced his crowd of teenage fans. “Will you still love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?” he asked them, unsure of their reaction. The fans responded by throwing up.

As proof of their undying allegiance to the star, thousands of teenage girls between the ages of 13-17 tweeted statements such as “@JustinBieber, Thanks for validating our obsession with our body image. #bulimia #throwingupinsteadofblowingup” and “We’ll always love you @JustinBieber. Going to #McDonalds now. #PukeforBieber later.”

Fellow pop star Demi Lovato even tweeted, “Struggled with bulimia years ago. Fully recovered. Thanks to @JustinBieber I’m back to splurging and purging.”

In the few days since the incident there have been several barf mob videos popping up on YouTube. Teenage boys and girls start dancing to “Baby” and simultaneously puke at the end of the song.

The unexpected positive reaction has landed Bieber a starring role in a new Got Milk? advertising campaign. Instead of the customary milk mustache, he will debut the chunky milk goatee.

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