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Published on October 9th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


New Yorker Cartoonist Signed to Death Row Records

By E. Mike Pace

LONG BEACH – Famed New Yorker cartoonist Ed Koren has recently signed with Death Row Records, who will release his latest collection of cartoons – his thirteenth – entitled Any More Appetizers?

“We’re really excited to welcome Mr. Koren to the family.  His slightly skewed take on the world we live in fits comfortably on the Death Row roster, alongside Kurupt, Prince Ital Joe, and Big Azz.” Lara Lavi, Death Row CEO, said in a statement on their website.

Mr. Koren, who released his first collection, Don’t Talk to Strange Bears in 1969, has been drawing cartoons for the New Yorker since 1962.  He has also contributed illustrations to The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, and Vanity Fair. Additionally, Mr. Koren has previously taught art at Brown University.

“Death Row just seemed like a natural fit for my work,” the eighty-two year old writer of the classic children’s book Very Hairy Harry said. “It honestly doesn’t phase me at all that they’ve never released anything in book form before.  I know that they’ve done right by Snoopy Dogg, and he’s Eli’s favorite.”

“Death Row is interested in expanding the brand, and putting out some books gets us in with the purple hair and theater set,” Ms. Lavi confessed. “Honestly, the first time I saw one of Ed’s New Yorker cartoons – it was a skunk wearing a top hat and monocle with a caption that read ‘SAVE BROOKLYN’ – I knew that this was our guy. So I tweeted out to his grandson Eli and so far, so good.”

Death Row has begun reaching out to other illustrators as well. “We’re still waiting to hear back from Garfield’s Jim Davis,” added Ms. Lavi, “but the guy who does Zits seems to be really interested.”

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