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Published on October 15th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


New Radiohead Album Rumored to Be Just One Long Manipulated Fart Sound

By E. Mike Pace

While Radiohead has remained quiet for most of 2012, rumblings from insiders have emerged that the band is hard at work on a new album, rumored to be one long, manipulated fart sound.  The follow-up to 2011’s King of Limbs – going under the working title, The Air That I Breathe – will feature variations on actual farts recorded by the band members in the studio.

“From what I’ve been told, everyone farted into the microphone and now they’re digitally manipulating those fart sounds through all sorts of processors and compressors to create a really engaging composition,” said music critic Alan Bright.  “How can it be anything less than thought-provoking?”

News of the new album sent fans on Twitter into a tizzy. @Myxomatosis420 tweeted, “I’m literally farting out of excitement to hear this one, can I join the band?” while @BearHunter posted, “New Radiohead record is gonna be a fartfest?  The musical fruit, indeed.”

The band is currently working with veteran producer Nigel Godrich on the project, and while the album is rumored to be just one forty-five minute long track of fart sounds, Light isn’t convinced the band has abandoned all traditional instrumentation.  “I’d bet that Johnny Greenwood’s figured out a way to run a fart through his beloved ondes Martenot.”

Bright expects distribution for The Air That I Breathe to be unique in the way the revolutionary “pay what you wish” format was for 2007’s In Rainbows. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they packaged the album on a minidisc in a can of dried plums, and you have to get it through Amazon, but like the actual Amazon River, or something.”

The band members themselves have been keeping mum, but a cryptic message appeared on Tuesday that read: “When you’re driving in a Chevy and you feel something heavy…

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