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Published on October 25th, 2012 | by TRI Staff


Timbaland Samples Recording of His Last Colonoscopy on New Hit Single

By E. Mike Pace

MIAMI – Looking to once again storm the charts, super-producer Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley has created his new single, “Shittin’ Bricks,” using mainly audio samples taken from his latest colonoscopy this past spring.

The track, which debuted earlier this week, begins with the sound of an EKG, followed by a brief grunt and a male voice saying, “you need to wipe better ay ay.”

The colonoscopy revealed several polyps and a spot of ulcerative colitis — all lesions that make sick beats when struck rhythmically by the colonoscope.

Over a fat synth bass line resembling the melody from the Carpenters’ 1972 hit “Close to You,” heavily processed 808 drum samples, and a staccato fart, Timbaland raps about staying strong, partying all night, and the fact that he hates tipping the bathroom attendant in the club each time he needs to “make water.”

Farrah Franklin – one of the original members of Destiny’s Child – sings the catchy hook, “brand new kicks/suckin’ dicks/shittin’ bricks.” The song has tremendous potential (albeit in a radio friendly version, where the chorus is changed to “brand new kicks/I shop at Dick’s/poopin’ bricks).

Timbaland is confident. “I wanted to change the game again, take something that’s the opposite of music – the sound of a doctor inserting a probe into my anus to examine for colon cancer and telling me what he saw – and turn it into the biggest club banger you’ve ever heard.”

“Of course I’ve violated doctor/patient confidentiality, but this shit is gold. Literally.”

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