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Published on January 9th, 2013 | by TRI Staff


Nickelodeon to Produce Yo Gotti Gotti

By Cash Money Slumdog Millionaire

LOS ANGELES – Nickelodeon has revamped its popular show, “Yo Gabba Gabba” to appeal to the urban youth market, after facing severe criticism about the lack of diversity on the channel. The new series, which will reflect the gang and drug culture found in hip–hop, is titled, “Yo Gotti Gotti.”

“We’ve decided to team up with relevant rapper and role model to the youth, Yo Gotti,” said President of Nickelodeon Studios and 65 year old caucasian John Greenstein III. “I must admit, I’m not exactly completely in touch with today’s youth, but I’ve been told that this Mr. Yo could be our youth ambassador.”

Though Yo Gotti ensures five star quality programming, the decision has not avoided controversy from parents. Men and women nationwide are alarmed at the harmful messages that could potentially be introduced to their children, though Yo Gotti dismisses all concerns.

“The men and the women, they all lie, man,” Yo Gotti stated. “The Nielsen numbers, them numbers don’t lie.”

Dependent on “Yo Gotti Gotti’s” success, Nickelodeon is considering producing a new bilingual sexual health series: Dora Explores Dallas.

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