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Published on March 13th, 2013 | by TRI Staff


Macklemore’s Single “Sweatshop” Premieres for Asian Audiences

By Cash Money Slumdog Millionaire

PHNOM PENH – Riding off the success of “Thrift Shop,” American rapper Macklemore has taken to Youtube to debut his single, “Sweatshop” exclusively created for his Asian audiences.

“I’ve seen how many likes and shares have come from Asia through YouTube Analytics,” Macklemore said in a statement on Facebook. “But I get that the thrift shop idea may not fully resonate with my Asian audience because they’re so damn poor, so I wanted to get a record out there that people can really feel.”

Unfortunately, the single was downloaded and sold in raw format before Macklemore even recorded it. Regardless, its intended audience has met the track with tremendous enthusiasm.

“We don’t have these ‘thrift shops’ in Cambodia,” Chandarith Meung said. “However, I wear thirdhand NIKE sneakers and I understand the value of sweatshops for the international economy.”

“Sweatshop” has climbed up the international charts, with popular lyrics such as “I’m gonna be a slave, only get seven cents per T-Shirt. I- I-I I’m hurting, looking for a union, this is fucking awwwful.”

In an expert marketing move, Macklemore has plastered these lyrics on cheap cotton T-Shirts, made in Thailand, for additional revenue.

“These days, it’s all about diversifying and segmenting the market,” Macklemore added. “I’m going to remix my ‘Same Love’ single to be about ‘Arranged Marriage’ for the Indian market next.”

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