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Interviews with a Third Grader: The Disco Biscuits

Check out The Rap Insider’s exclusive interview with The Disco Biscuits, headlining artists (and founders) of Camp Bisco. Listen below, where we take questions from a third grade elementary school class and let the band address the pressing topics.  Also, be sure to take a look at the original letters from the kids themselves!

The Disco Biscuits [Marc]: Alright, we’re doing an interview here, it’s called “Questions From Third Graders.”  It’s The Rap Insider and we’re reading these questions and then answering them  and two of the letters have been written specifically to you, so why don’t you just read the questions and then answer them?

The Disco Biscuits [Allen]: Where are these third graders from?

TRI: Denver, I teach in Denver.  Some of them might be a little bit stilted, because they’re all English Language Learners, so their native language is Spanish and I teach in both languages and practice English with them by writing these letters.

Allen: ‘What would you buy if you had one million dollars?’  I would buy my own island…you can’t buy your own island?

Marc: You can’t get that with a million dollars.  You’re lucky to get a big house.

Allen: It’s actually more than a million, look at these zeros.

Marc: One trillion dollars.

Allen: ‘What is a polygon, a triangle or a circle?’ …I play the drums. I do not teach geometry.  Come on, Marc, what is a polygon, a triangle or a circle?

Marc: Well, a triangle would be a polygon, not a circle, because of the sides.

TRI: Yeah, you’re right, a circle is not a polygon because it has curved lines.  A polygon is any closed shape with straight lines.  So that’s like 3rd grade geometry, square, rectangle…

Marc: Stumped by a third grader!

TRI: Are you smarter than a third grader?

Allen: ‘Do you speak Spanish?’ No habla espanol.

Marc: No hablo espanol.

TRI: You’ve got it, Marc.

Allen: ‘What country do I like best?’  Hmm, America.

Marc: Amurica.  You’re from GA, man, I mean of course you like America.

Allen: I like these drawings.

TRI: They’re yours to keep.  Well, they really liked your name.  When I told them that they would be writing questions to The Disco Biscuits, they all stood up and started moving like this [imitates John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever], which was really funny to see.  I said “no, it’s not what you guys think,” and played them the music and they loved it, they were really excited.  I think half the drawings have disco balls because of that.

Allen: “How old are you?’ I’m 34.  I feel dumb.  A dumb 34-year old.

Marc: What is your favorite math [struggles to read word] activity?  Allen, what is your favorite math activity?

Allen: Subdividing.

Marc: There we go.  Alright, Jesse, ‘Dear The Disco Biscuits, if you found a country, what would you name it?’ We would call it the land of Zexsea.

‘What videogame would you buy?’  I would try to buy all the videogames.  We have Xbox.  I have a third grader, as well, and we play Xbox all the time because it’s the first thing we found that we’re equally good at.  Although you shouldn’t play video games all the time.

‘What is the last thing you ate?’ I just had a buffalo burger, but I also just went around backstage and I ate a bite of everybody’s food.  They all had noodles.

‘Do you have a girlfriend?’  Yes, I have a wife.  My wife is my girlfriend.  Her name is Deb.

Bryan, ‘Dear The Disco Biscuits, what is your favorite…”

TRI: Yeah, I don’t know that one.  No idea.

Marc: ‘What girl do you like the most?’ My daughter.

TRI: Actually, there are options.  He gave options.

Marc: Selena, Shakira, or Lady Gaga.  Bryan, I’m gonna have to go with Shakira.  ‘Hello I’m Bryan and I like the Disco Biscuits.’  Great job, Bryan.

‘Dear tDB, who is the drummer?’  DRUMMER!

‘When have you first played drums?’

Allen: When I was 15.

Marc [reading letter]:  I’m a girl who likes your music.  Send me back a note and I will read your letters.  You should let Alex Fenn join your band.

TRI: That would be me.

Marc [continues reading letter]:  He is the one who is giving you 14 letters to you.  And tell me if you like our letters.  We love your letters! Thank you very much!

TRI: That’s from Nikki.

Marc: Great job, Nikki!

Allen: That’s very considerate.

Marc:  ‘What would you do if aliens attacked you?’  I would fight back.  We would all fight back.

‘Also, how much do you weigh?’ Too much, too much.

‘Oh, and I’ve been to Red Rooks.’  You’ve been to Red Rocks, Daniela?

‘I found out you guys are performing there.’  Correct!

‘And when I went to Red Rocks, I saw the stage where you’re going to sing and maybe I’ll be there Saturday.’  Daniela, that would be wonderful, you should come.

‘Plus, what would you do if you shrinked?’  That wouldn’t be very good, I wouldn’t be able to play the bass anymore.

‘What would you do if the band switched bodies?’  I’ve seen that movie, three or four times, okay? It’s a good movie, you can check it out.  The most recent one is Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Then you go back to Tom Hanks and Big and there’s lots of body switching movies.  If we switched bodies, I think I’d have to play some practical jokes on people.

Alright, I think we did it!

TRI: Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate it.

Marc: Thank you so much, man!

TRI:  This was awesome, I’m Alex from The Rap Insider, interviewing The Disco Biscuits.  Thank you guys.

Check out more letters from our third graders below, and thanks again to Camp Bisco for helping us set this up!

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