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Published on May 6th, 2013 | by TRI Staff


Your Love Life: A.V. Club Review



Of this reader’s myriad and many involute facets, the ability to consistently maintain and sustain a dependable relationship is not one of them. Though the complexity of their life is thankfully often hard to pin down and analyze in a diligent and considered manner, their love life remains one decisively un-opaque, unclouded and unfettered by perspectives past and future.

This reader is often more concerned about maintaining a sense of presentation and perception — ‘how do others see us?’ — rather than what truly matters, namely support, love, and dependability. When presented with an option, any option, this reader ostensibly reverts to seeming surprise that anybody would pay them attention and therefore deserves theirs.

One could mistake those actions as humility and modesty, but more valid would be to recognize the lack of self-esteem as reflected in the twice repeated, to different friends, and then riffed upon statement “I just can’t believe someone like them/ could want someone like me/ someone like them/ doesn’t deserve any worse.”

Due to understandably low expectations, this reader’s latest “serious” relationship has fared better than previously. So far, nobody has threatened self-harm, only one anti-anxiety medication prescription is shared, and both partners have agreed to postpone cohabitation until both have independent incomes.

Considering those minor factors alone, the dripping soft sounds of a quiet whimper after what couldn’t be considered a fight, but rather an apology session, carry far less vitriol than the festering tempers from this reader’s debut effort, which was inaccessible to nearly every potential familiar.

In a sense, this reader’s love life can’t be considered a failure, though also not a complete success. Strictly observed from a distance there is the semblance of love and care, though the sex could definitely be better.

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