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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Trish


Lil Wayne Disappointed to Discover 19th Amendment, Jezebel

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By Teflon Don DeLillo

NEW ORLEANS—Lil Wayne had a rude awakening in the studio earlier this week when he got a little taste of Women’s History Month.

Wayne was about to lay the hook to his newest song, “Date Night.” He had just finished his first verse in which he rapped, “Bitch, you don’t like my shit you can fuckin’ choke / Your opinion means shit ho you can’t even vote.”

His manager then tapped him on the shoulder and kindly informed him that women have been able to vote in political elections since 1920.

Looking slightly dejected, Wayne responded, “Well at least bitches don’t have like a website or nothin’ where they complain about n*ggaz bein’ mean to them nah’msayin cause that would be some annoying ass, pussy ass shit, ya dig.”

Face-palming, his manager slowly took out his laptop and opened his browser to

Weezy excitedly thought it was a porn site at first, until his manager calmly explained that Jezebel is, “a forum for the everyday feminist where women can express their frustration with our patriarchal society and the all-too-prevalent misogyny in popular culture in a safe and productive manner.”

Wayne and his manager immediately burst into hysterics as they proceeded to look through and, and they are reportedly still laughing.

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