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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Trish


Mike Will Made It Surpasses China as World’s Leading Manufacturer


ATLANTA – With the completion of Miley Cyrus‘ new album BANGERZ (and the release of the beautiful mixed-race child that will accompany the deluxe edition), 24 year-old producer Mike Will Made It will surpass China as the world’s leading manufacturer.

Mr. Will Made It celebrated the momentous occasion by opening new production facilities in Shanghai, Atlanta’s famed Magic City strip club, and Miley Cyrus‘ uterus.

“We’ve been working towards this day since I don’t when, man,” said a tearful Mr. Will Made It from within the echoing walls of his state of the art Miley Wide Studio. “We’ve managed to keep emissions down, productivity up, and white parents everywhere terrified. I really feel like I’ve accomplished a lot.”

The only potential snag remaining is an inspection by the FDA to ensure that the new facilities practice proper waste management and tasteful auto-tune use.

“We’re not like those Chinamen. We have standards,” said Mr. Will Made It as he put the finishing touch on DJ Khaled‘s “Bugatti” remix: A snare recorded from repeated open-palm smacks on the ass of a passed out Miley Cyrus.


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