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Published on September 4th, 2013 | by Trish


Yung Joc Still At The Mall, Waiting For It To Go Down

yung joc

By Hurricane Cole

ATLANTA – For 2000 consecutive days, Yung Joc has patiently waited at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead, Georgia. But despite performing dope boy magic seven days a week, Joc has yet to have it go down.

Joc has attempted to make it go down since he released “It’s Going Down” in 2007, but has failed on multiple occasions due to a combination of pinkeye and scurvy. He ultimately decided to wait for someone else to meet him, where he would then guarantee it was going down. Since then, the Atlanta based rapper has been living in the mall since early 2008, after first seeing the film The Terminal starring Tom Hanks.

“Tom Hanks, he a real ass n*gga. He knew shit was going down at the airport,” said Joc. “I’m a real ass n*gga too so I’ve been posted up waiting for this shit.”

Joc, who has been living off stray pieces of Sbarro left by other mall patrons and sleeping underneath the custom embroidery table at Lids, believes the day it finally does go down is right around the corner.

“Mall security in my face damn near every day,” said the loitering homeless rapper.  “‘Stop blowing kush in the food court. Stop bathing in the fountains. Stop masturbating outside Urban Outfitters.’ I’d really shut them up if it weren’t for my slight vitamin-C deficiency. Where’s Nitti when you need him?”

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