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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by Trish


Homosexual Rapper Supports Heterosexuals in New Single



SEATTLE – Rapper and producer Little Cub is one of the hottest and stickiest acts amongst gay youth these days, having scored millions of ringtone downloads with songs such as “I Can Take It,” “That’s Too Much,” and “Work Bitch.”

But his latest single “Breed ♥” (pronounced “breed love”) is breaking ground in a different way: it is the first song from an openly gay rapper to explicitly embrace and promote heterosexual love, and with it the rubble of intolerance is being swept away within the young gay community.

“The fact that the song is solely dedicated to the message of heterosexual support, by an out gay man, and is still being pumped out by the speakers at clubs like Machine, The Hole, and The Machine Caused Hole is, like, totally a big deal,” said Joaquin Spandex, blogger and Gap employee.

DJs at gay clubs and H&Ms everywhere claim “Breed ♥” seems to have captured the mood reflecting a growing support amongst young gay men and women towards their heterosexual counterparts. “I mean, both my parents are straight, my teacher is straight, hell even the President is straight,” said popular drag performer Lavache Qi Ri Ri, “But it was Little Cub that helped me accept them.”

Chatting over Grindr, Little Cub claims he always intended the song to have a political impact. “Some people claim that I don’t have the right to speak about this experience, that I am just cashing in on a new trend of heterosexual acceptance. What people don’t see is that I’m helping my community better understand the broader and breeder population at large. If just one gay boy’s opinion is changed about a mailman, dockworker, or George Clooney, then how can you deny the value?”

Such a bold statement was not met without controversy from the very group it was supposed to defend. Underground, straight white male rapper  “TW3G” was quick to Twitter after “Breed ♥” rocked the charts: “How can Little Cub sing about us when he’s never lived the struggle? #buymyalbumtho”

TW3G: That time a straight rapper ripped off my music about banging bitches and made millions of dollars #culturalappropriation

TW3G: NEWS FLASH: straight people don’t care about your video about straight people.

TW3G: So can I speak for all the n*ggas now? #heterophobic #notracist

TW3G later wrote to us in an email, “My main beef is that he keeps emphasizing the lack of choice, like that should make any difference. Why should it matter if I could choose or not choose? It devalues the argument and proposes it would be immoral where it variable, bruh bruh.”

However, the critics don’t phase Little Cub. “I recognize that this message, while representing others, is more powerful coming from someone like me then someone like them. They should learn to accept that.”

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