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Published on January 9th, 2014 | by Trish


Kanye West Really Feeling New Sample of Kanye West

kanye smiling

By JFKilla

PARIS – While recording for his new album, Kanye West has informed TRI reporters that he is “really feeling the incredible new sample” of himself that he will be including on at least every track on his new album.

West said that all he had done was record a hook for a song, and listen to it again afterwards, before deciding that it was worthy of being sampled.

“Yeah man, like I was in the studio, and uh, I was recording this hook – one fuck of a hook I might add – that went somethin’ like ‘I’m the king of the universe, fuck you, haah’, and I mean once I played that shit back, I immediately knew that I needed to sample it for every song on the album.”

While many may view the sampling of oneself as absolutely the stupidest fucking thing they’ve ever heard of, and completely pointless, West is confident he’s discovered a new form of music-making and has revolutionized the rap game yet again.

“This idea may go down as the greatest innovation in the history of rap, since the last time I revolutionized it. I’m just so impressed with myself for coming up with this idea.”

West is not without his supporters, either. Former G.O.O.D Music member and fellow maker of “the most incredible music humanity has ever been blessed to listen to, ever,” Kid Cudi, supports his friend’s “ingenious” plan.

“Son, you don’t even understand how fuckin’ bad I envy him right now. Here I am ad-libbing my way through songs, and randomly humming off-key and shit, thinking I’m revolutionizing music and art, and out of nowhere my man Yeezy comes and blesses all aspects of sound with the concept of sampling yourself. Sampling your-fucking-self. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Cudi later told reporters he plans on sampling Beluga whale mating calls for future albums.


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