The Rap Insider is a satirical music news publication. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental or a product of espionage on the part of rival blogs; all references to famous individuals are meant as fictional portrayals.

The Rap Insider  is intended for a mature, sophisticated, and discerning audience that understands that a website containing articles about a time traveling Kanye West, Birdman spreading Avian Flu, Dr. Dre having any bit of medical expertise, and Rick Ross as Snorlax can’t possibly be real.

Comments? Concerns? Complaints? Edible fruit bouquets? E-mail us at staff@therapinsider.com.

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The Rap Insider Staff

Swagmoud Swagmadinejad – Founding Editor

MC Infarction – Managing Editor

Frederick Thuglass – Editor, Promotions Manager

David Ghetto – Editor, Community Relations, Webmaster

Dhal-sim Simma – Founding Editor

MC Trish the Dish – Daily Editor, Senior Staff Writer

Weezy F. Scott FitzgeraldSenior Staff Writer

Suri Booze – Hollywood Section Editor, Senior Staff Writer

DR – Staff Writer

Teflon Don Delillo – Staff Writer, Official Black Liason

Cash Money Slumdog Millionaire – Staff Writer

Hurricane Cole – Staff Writer

JFKilla – Staff Writer

DHT – Staff Writer

Trillup Seymour Hoffmayne – Staff Writer, Tweeter

Willennium Faulkner – Staff Writer

Trinidad James Joyce – Staff Writer

Lil Nietzsche The Based God Is Dead – Staff Writer, Instagrammer, Head of Promotions

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