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All that You Must Know About Commercial Light


While choosing lighting devices for home or office space, it is so easy to get confused because of the variety of shapes and modifications. If earlier in light stores you were offered to choose among ten models, today there are […]

While choosing lighting devices for home or office space, it is so easy to get confused because of the variety of shapes and modifications. If earlier in light stores you were offered to choose among ten models, today there are thousands of them. And sometimes the client is at a loss as to which model to choose.

If we consider the shape of commercial light fixtures, then a round lamp is considered universal. Why do many customers decide to buy a round shaped ceiling lamp? The answer is because they are suitable for almost every interior and room style. This is ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

Commercial light fixtures: wide range of applications

Considering such models, it is worth analyzing in more detail in what types of premises they will be most relevant:

  • The compact size and absence of corners make the round glass lamp an excellent solution for hallways. The hallways in modern design apartments are large enough. But earlier, when designing, little space was allocated to the hallway. Therefore, large-sized lamps will look unnatural and clutter up the free space. But compact ones, on the contrary, will not only illuminate the space well, but also visually expand it. You can buy round lamps as an independent item or in composition with other models.
  • Such models are perfect for use in the kitchen. Especially if it does not have a large square. It is worth considering the ease of use. Since dishes are regularly prepared in the kitchen, no matter how good the hood is, fatty vapors still “fall” on pieces of furniture, appliances and, in particular, on the lamp. Accordingly, the lamp has to be cleaned regularly, much more often than in other areas of the house. Washing and cleaning multi-stage chandeliers or lamps with intricate pendants every week is quite difficult. But to clean the LED round lamp, you will have to spend only a few minutes.
  • You can use inexpensive round chandeliers under the ceiling and in non-residential areas in the house. These are pantries, balconies, loggias, cellars. In the catalog of the English manufacturer “Searchlight” you will find interesting options, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. At a low cost, they receive excellent customer reviews for their high quality and long service life.
  • Round models will find application in the commercial sphere. These are offices, small reception areas, warehouses, business centers. If the square of the office allows, then you should pay attention to the large round ceiling lamps. They will give a lot of light and at the same time decorate the interior of the office. If you need to illuminate the work area directly, you can additionally buy a table lamp.
  • A separate niche is occupied by built-in round lamps for the bathroom. For several years of existence, they have taken the first positions in sales. At the same time, the lamps for the bathroom are universal. It is recommended to buy round lamps for any type of room. These are rooms in the house, and commercial areas and office centers.

It is also necessary that all the light fixtures that you choose to install needs proper maintenance. Let us discuss about this issue too.

  • What is Lighting Maintenance?

What we mean by lighting maintenance is about their up-keeping, replacement, and also updating of lighting system.

Lighting maintenance is almost like maintaining your own car.  Even though you can manage to drive your car and then get you from certain one point to some other point but that does not always mean that you have a very healthy car.

We all must be sometime skipping schedule oil change, not replacing the required parts, and often ignoring certain weird sounds that may be coming from our car. At the end, it comes back and haunt us because we will most probably end up spending more money due to mileage due to the inefficiency that we have created.

Not only that, but we are also shortening the life of our car at the end of the day.

  • Why maintenance is so important for light fixtures too?

The main point that we want to highlight is that your lighting system will only work at its’ full potential only if it is being properly maintained. As we mentioned about car maintenance, a lighting system is also conceptually very similar.

Your lamps will still turn on even without proper maintenance, but the level and intensity of light that are produced could be just about 50% of its actual capacity for which the lighting system was originally intended to produce.

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